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A Glasgow based Scottish Registered Charity SC029811.

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The Targu Mures Trust was established in January 2000 to support the frail and isolated Holocaust survivors of Targu Mures, Romania. Almost all of the survivors were living in impoverished circumstances,well below any standard that we in the UK would consider remotely acceptable. Many survivors could not afford dentures, hearing aids, glasses and a significant number were having to make real choices between food and medicines.


In the winter of 1999/2000 when the Trust was formed, its primary aim was to meet the medical, optical, dental and mobility needs of these vulnerable survivors.  The Trust later funded a comprehensive home care service for those whose illness or frailty made it difficult for them to undertake personal care tasks, shop, cook, or maintain their homes. This service also provided an invaluable lifeline for those who would otherwise have been isolated and alone.


As the last of the community’s Holocaust survivors struggle to survive   the Targu Mures Trust is facing a desperate financial situation. The cost of living in Romania has dramatically increased and in the current economic climate it has become increasingly difficult to raise money.targu mures trust care

We need to raise £40,000 each year. Please help us to continue to care for the remaining elderly and vulnerable survivors of the Holocaust in Targu Mures. Help us to offer them security and to allow them to end their days in dignity.  It is the very least that they deserve. Go to the 'support us'  page to see how you can help or if you wish to make an instant donation click here. Thank you.



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