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Presently, there is a committee of three locally based trustees. Vasile Dub, who is the President of the Community, George Diamantstein and Marta Szonyi. The committee is chaired by Zsuzsa (Susie) Ambrus who is the coordinator of the Trust in Targu Mures. It is the responsibility of this team to allocate funds and advise the Trust of any special need or difficulty. The Trustees meet on a monthly basis and also whenever there are emergencies or urgent problems. They deal wisely and compassionately with diverse situations and are assisted in all that they do by the Trust's coordinator in Targu Mures.

Susie is the link between the Targu Mures based trustees and the 7 Glasgow based trustees. Susie translates documents in Romanian, Hungarian and English for locally based or Glasgow based trustees. She sends a monthly statistical report to Glasgow and advises the Trust of new needs and developments that could benefit the community. She also makes all the necessary preparations for the regular Trust visits to Targu Mures.

The administrative costs of the Trust are limited to the Audit fee as the Trust does not have any employees or premises. All monies raised other than the audit costs are therefore spent on meeting the medical and home care needs of survivors.


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